A human-centric, $HUMAN-backed launchpad
for all humans.

$HUMAN; The Native Token Of Humanpad.

On $HUMAN, ‘bulls or bears’ will have no say, marketcaps shall matter less, haphazard charts will falter too.
Up $HUMAN goes, till there is ‘breakthrough in human’ (the ultimate ROI). Out of the jurisdiction of ‘booleans’ (referring to ‘bulls or bears’) we escape, for we are humans.
In $HUMAN, may humans now act, interact and transact truly peer-to-peer.
$HUMAN is humanly-engineered to go up; till each human holds it!



The Native Cryptocurrency Of Humanpad.

$HUMAN will succeed whether bulls or bears because humans are involved.
Very ‘human-centric’, it will power the evolution of many noble dreams, abating the seed-funding limitations that deter many humans from building their projects.

  • - Utilize $HUMAN to participate in 'IHOs' (Initial Human Offerings).
  • - Hold $HUMAN to earn $HUMAN from transaction fees.
  • - Hold $HUMAN to govern the Humanpad DAO.
  • - Utilize $HUMAN in availing of brother-services available on Humanpad.
  • - Utilize $HUMAN in the process of becoming a certified ulogger.
  • - Hold $HUMAN to receive teardrops in various cryptocurrencies.
  • - Farm existing cryptocurrencies with $HUMAN.


A Human-centric, $HUMAN-backed IHO Launchpad.


Attempting to abate the seed-funding limitations that deter many humans from dream-building, Humanpad will incubate cryptocurrency & non-projects of all classes.

  • - Humanpad is backed by $HUMAN.
  • - Backed by 'humans' (certified uloggers) rather than 'bulls or bears'.
  • - Humanpad features a 'clout-exchange' and 'grow' center.
  • - It is backed by a physical venture, 'Macrohard' (a hub for brother-programmers).
  • - Crypto & non-crypto projects can raise funds via an IHO or from our DAO.

In terms of ‘funding’, however much a project is able to raise from an IHO or from our DAO, ‘true funding’ comes from the supplementary human-backing that Humanpad will look to offer these projects in the aftermath. Humanpad will look to bootstrap projects from inception to fruition.

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How It Works?

IHO - Initial Exchange Offering

An upcoming cryptocurrency project proposes an IHO event on Humanpad. $HUMAN holders vote on this proposal till it enters a funding-phase.
In the event of an IHO, ‘$HUMAN holders’ (certified & non-certified uloggers) can participate to get an allocation in the new cryptocurrency.

DAO - For Non-Crypto Projects

A non-cryptocurrency or real-world project proposes to raise funds from the Humanpad DAO.
‘$HUMAN holders’ (certified & non-certified uloggers) vote on this proposal till it enters a funding-phase, allowing it to become an eligible recipient of funds from our DAO.

DAO - For Existing Crypto Projects

An existing cryptocurrency project proposes to raise funds from the Humanpad DAO.
‘$HUMAN holders’ (certified & non-certified uloggers) vote on this proposal till it enters a funding-phase, allowing it to become an eligible recipient of funds from our DAO.

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What We Are Really Building?

The primary platform whereupon $HUMAN will find its utility is Humanpad. To ensure that Humanpad succeeds, funds from our funding-campaign will be allocated to the completion of the first Macrohard hub (located in the Philippines) & the development of Cryptoulogs.


Humanly-engineered To Go Up.

Right inside our cryptocurrency, in the nooks and crannies of our tokenomics,
we encode humanity, a prayer, our touches, our spirits, a healing, timeliness,
swag, presence, stories & histories, greatness, un-ordinariness etc.

‘$HUMAN’ should succeed whether ‘bulls or bears’ because humans are involved.

We will develop our tokenomics to take cognizance of humans, rather than of
‘bulls or bears’. We want to create a token that everyone desires to accumulate.
We will dynamically innovate down-to-earth utilities for $HUMAN, highlighting unconventional utilities for cryptocurrency.

To be innately deflationary, $HUMAN possesses RFI, auto-liquidity & tax features.


Factoring the aforementioned, look at our mechanics:

(Max Supply - 100,000,000,000,000,000)

  • - Initial Supply - 80% of $HUMAN, which is allocated to our seed-funding campaign.
  • - 10% goes to liquidity-provision
  • - 10% to a DAO - The DAO which is used to enhance the growth & development of Humanpad and independent projects (as decided upon by $HUMAN holders), will hold an initial balance to accrue fees from reflections. Funds from the DAO can also be burned, subject to community vote.

Note: To ensure that $HUMAN starts out ‘affordable’, we will keep the initial price of $HUMAN low to ensure that its initial marketcap stays below ‘$150,000’.

Look at the basic features of $HUMAN:

  • - $HUMAN will have 10% tax on all transactions.
  • - 3% is automatically added to the liquidity pool & locked forever.
  • - 6% is automatically distributed to all holders proportional to their holdings.
  • - 1% is allocated to a DAO (DAO-funds will go towards supporting projects as voting on by $HUMAN holders).

Our Scarce Model

Our scarce model is our grey-list of certified uloggers.

Instead of implementing a scarce model based on ‘bulls or bears’ (i.e. a boolean fit for bots), our scarce model is based on humans. Backing an ecosystem filled with full-blown humans, $HUMAN evolves into a down-to-earth token, possessing unconventional properties which strengthens it against conventional indices like marketcaps, haphazard charts, an Elon Musk tweet, ‘bulls or bears’ etc.

When it comes to user-growth, $HUMAN will focus on autonomously growing our populace of certified uloggers.
Across Humanpad, certified uloggers will be rendered prominence and given access to exclusive UI-perks.

Both private & public figures can become certified uloggers by accumulating a specified amount of $HUMAN or engaging in specific ulogging activities.

Altogether, certified uloggers will need to maintain their ‘certified’ status.

Certified uloggers constitute our true fan-base.


80% of $HUMAN will be allocated to our seed-funding campaign.

We would like to raise funds to bootstrap several down-to-earth projects starting with Humanpad. Our projects will actively enable each human to build their projects without seed-funding limitations.
Everyone can participate in our seed-funding campaign from a contributory perspective, contributing ‘their human’ to the evolution of $HUMAN, while getting $HUMAN in turn.

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Funds Raised

We have created an entire model that will enable us to expend ‘funds raised’ in a way that enables us to abate the seed-funding limitation that deter many from building their noble dreams. Our plan is to set up a fully working Macrohard hub starting in the Philippines.
In Macrohard, we will gather humans of all expertise. From among these ones, we will evolve a solid network of brothers, especially ‘brother-programmers’, who will be willing to effect a brother’s dream even for free for the sake of playing a role in historical history.

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